Friday, May 20, 2016


Friday. The weekends barely excite me anymore. It seems like a waste of time not to work.

Got up, had a rushed breakfast. Went to the school. Small mess in the gym, nothing too time consuming. As there was nothing else to do, I lurked around the gym area for a while. I watched the students come and go dressed in gym uniforms. They looked dirty.

I felt for the little skinny kids who looked out of place, but I don't relate. When I was in high school I was in great shape. I used to be able to lift huge weights. It never made me any friends; people thought that because I was strong and quiet that I must be stupid.

I nodded at one of the little skinny kids in spite of myself. He nodded back. I recognized him from the Chess Society. I am fond of those kids; they keep a tidy meeting room.

Went home. Attempted a nap. Ate dinner. Pet the cat. TV.

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